Sustainable farming that works with nature


Simply put, agroecology is about sustainable farming methods that are designed to operate in harmony with our natural surroundings. In practice, we want to ensure the land and everything we do to raise our flocks is as sustainable as possible — utilising as many renewable resources as possible, being considerate of the wider ecology and ensuring nothing is wasted.

The Orkney Boreray Community has a responsibility to the land and wider environment. We utilise processes informed by scientific research and underpinned by our own core values. The role we play as protectors and preservers of the local ecology, as well as the breed itself, is something we take very seriously — and the positive impact of this approach to farming is felt in its wider benefits for rural communities and our produce partners.


Flocks graze on natural pastures, with rich herbage, in close proximity to the sea, with rich sea salty air — a natural circumstance of our home on these islands. Our sheep greatly benefit from being outside, all year round, and are able to fully express their natural behaviors.

As a result of the climate, soil, nutrients and slope of the land, all Orkney Boreray sheep from across these isles share a common ‘terroir’ — most noticeable in the mutton produced for our butchery and restaurant partners.



Agroecological Methods

All farms and crofts raising Orkney Boreray sheep must be managed using agroecological, regenerative and nature-friendly farming methods.

Welfare Standards

The highest welfare standards are paramount. All Orkney Boreray sheep should be fed on a pasture based and foraged diet to ensure they are as healthy as possible. Our sheep live outside all year round and are allowed to express natural behaviours, ensuring they live, breed and grow in a natural way.

Husbandry & Breeding

Our approach to husbandry places welfare above productivity, minimising the need for medication. Breeding is designed to maximise genetic and phenotypic diversity within the flocks.

Community Support

Members of the Orkney Boreray Community keep in touch and visit each other’s farms to provide support and advice. Members work together to produce breeding stock and sheep for slaughter.
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