Orkney now has FIVE flocks of Orkney Boreray sheep

POSTED BY: Jane Cooper


The past few days has seen a number of sheep trailers being ferried between Orkney's isles and mainland Orkney. With lambs in the Burnside, Settisgarth and Lochend, Shapinsay flocks having been weaned earlier in September, they and their mothers were ready to join new flocks in Hoy and Stronsay.

A first trip to Stronsay saw 6 ewes going to Airy Farm and a little breeding flock of ewes, ram Bede and his wether companion going to Dousquoy. That was the straightforward trip!

On Saturday different groups of sheep at Burnside were gathered, sorted, weighed and dosed while sheep from Lochend made the crossing from Shapinsay to be transferred directly to the trailers for the Hoy flock and the large trailer going to Stronsay. A fantastic team of helpers at Burnside made possible this complex operation that resulted in over 30 sheep being safely loaded onto trailers in time for the ferries to Hoy and Stronsay.

Sorting the ewes and ewe lambs at Burnside

Airy Farm in Stronsay now has the magnificent proven ram Grimbister, a flock of 10 ewes and gimmers for lambing next year, some mutton wethers to grow on and a lovely group of ewe lambs.

Ewes, gimmers and lambs at Airy Farm

The Hoy flock has experienced ram Arathorn, with a group of ewes and gimmers and some ewe lambs and wether lambs.

Senior ewe Flo settling into her new home in Hoy

All the sheep travelled well and seem to have settled very happily into their new homes - all with sea views!

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