Ram Lamb Born at Lochend

POSTED BY: Jane Cooper


When we started the Shapinsay flock in 2017 the ram we chose to send was Settisgarth Bollocks, originator of the ‘B’ line of rams (and the 'model' for the Orkney Boreray logo!).

With wider horns than many Orkney Boreray rams and an even bigger personality, as shown in his photo, Bollocks settled in well at Lochend and the summer conservation grazing at the RSPB’s Mill Dam Nature Reserve on the island.

Settisgarth Bollocks — Orkney Boreray Ram
Settisgarth Bollocks

So this year we were delighted when the last ewe to lamb in the Lochend flock this year, Coda, produced a really stunning ram lamb. Not just a superb physical specimen but with all the attitude of his father!

Orkney Boreray ram lamb and his mother, Coda
Orkney Boreray ram lamb and his mother, Coda

His registered name will begin with ‘B’ to identify his place as Bollock’s successor. Next winter he will go to carefully selected ewes and we will eagerly await the sight of his offspring, hoping they show the promise of their father and grandfather.

— Jane